Great games to play with non-gamers (that isn’t Nintendo).

Gaming is increasingly becoming a more mainstream hobby but there are still those who, for whatever reason, don’t play games. Maybe you want to involve family members in your passion, kill time with a non-gaming friend or introduce a romantic interest into your world. With so many games out there, which are the best for introducing new players to games while being enjoyable for all parties involved?

I am only including multi-platform games here. All of them will also be focused on local play too rather than online.

Star Wars Battlefronts (04/05 versions)

Everybody knows of Star Wars, even if they aren’t a fan. This base knowledge combined with the simple concept of ‘shoot the other guys’ means that SW Battlefront is an easily accessible set of games to start with.

Splitscreen play means that you can play together, either on the same team or as opponents, while the multiple lives that players can have reduces the consequences of death. Even if you’re newby player isn’t great at shooting they can try to capture command points.

There are few opportunities for a player to get frustrated and there’s nothing complicated that needs remembering. Just run forwards guns blazing, get killed, rinse and repeat. Lots of fun for greenhorns and veterans alike.

Image result for star wars battlefront 2 2005

Rocket League

You can’t get much simpler a premise than two teams, two goals and a ball. It is what the majority of all sport is based upon. Take the ball and stick it in the other guy’s net. Simples.

Rocket League takes this concept and adds a fun physics to the design so players can spin through the air and drive along walls in their customisation RC cars. Even if you don’t like football or cars it is simple an addictively fun game. Easy to learn but hard to master gameplay fitted into bite-sized five minute matches means there’s never a chance to get bored.

It is also one of the few modern games that still allows splitscreen play in all modes. This ups the fun and is a business practice that we should all be supporting.

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers is an indie game where a single controller controls both central characters. It isn’t exactly designed to be a cooperative game, what with the idea of controlling two characters at once being a core part of the difficulty and problem solving, but it is set up in a way where two people can easily take half a controller each.

This cuts the difficulty but requires communication between each player. The game is rarely hectic and is very story driven so is a nice introduction to the medium if your new player appreciates narrative more than mechanics. It can be completed in one or two sittings and the simple act of two people trying to use the same controller can be a fun experience of itself.

Maybe not a game to play with friends to have a good time but Brothers is ideal for quieter times when you just want to bond.

Image result for brothers a tale of two sons


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