Three Things That The Elder Scrolls VI Needs to Succeed.

Fallout 4 has just released to mixed reviews and people are already turning their sights toward the inevitable Elder Scrolls VI. Keep in mind that we are unlikely to hear anything about the next instalment in the award winning franchise until 2017 at the earliest as there is still the matter of Fallout 4 DLC to be released, not to mention other big Bethesda games like DOOM and Dishonoured 2.

That being said though, it is a safe assumption that The Elder Scrolls VI is being worked on as I type this. In this article I will be looking at ways  in which a sequel to 2011’s Skyrim could surpass its predecessors.

As I said at the start, Fallout 4 was released with conflicting opinions among gamers. Many were disappointed and underwhelmed by what the game had to offer. I felt that the game was solid enough but should have been so much more. I felt this even more strongly with Skyrim. At least Fallout 4 added mechanics like armour pieces and settlement creation. Skyrim only reduced mechanics from previous games. We were given less armour, less weapons and less skills. A game that was toted as the ultimate RPG offered little in the way of actual role-playing. Most playthroughs ended with you wearing the same armour, using the same weapon and being the leader of every group in the country. There is no diversity or variety that you would expect from an Elder Scrolls game. Continue reading

Review – Fallout 4

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is a good game. You don’t need some nobody on the internet to tell you that. How good is it though?

I enjoyed Fallout 3 back when I played that but was not as fond of New Vegas. Of the games that I’ve played, Fallout 4 is the best game of the series graphically, mechanically and narratively. It is not perfect though and has split opinion.

With the hype that the game received when it was announced, it was impossible for it to fully live up to people’s expectations without heralding the second coming of Christ. That isn’t to say that it failed to please. Continue reading